Water Rower Rowing Machine Review

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The Water Rower Rowing Machine is exceptionally crafted by hand in strong Ash timber. It is well known for its incredible long life and also dimensional security. Please recognize, that this machine is for business use. You will locate it in gyms, workshops, and also rehabilitation facilities.

The rowing device has black rails. It is styled to prevent scuffing. The equipment’s components are rosewood, and it is stain for even more resistant to dirt compared to the All-natural version.

All Club Designs have actually been finished with Danish Oil as well as Urethane for best defense. The device soaks up audio as well as vibrations, which makes the Club Model quiet as well as smooth. This is primarily since this Water Rower is made from wood.

The company only sources wood from forests which are taken care of with limited environment controls. All water rower rowing machine makers are the US made in Warren, Rhode Island




Water Rower Rowing Machine Workout Tutorial

How does the resistance in the Water Rower rowing machine work?

The WaterRower’s resistance is created by a water flywheel paddle that is suspended in water.  When the user pulls on the “oars,” The suspended paddle spins when the user pulls on the “oars.” This provides the resistance.  lThe level of resistance is dependent on the intensity that the user is using the machine.  This type of resistance brings exactly a little noise, and the motion is much smoother. Resistance can also be adjusted by adding or subtracting water in the tank which the paddle is suspended in. The more water in the tank, the more resistance you will feel.

You can track your exercise metrics.

The Club Design features an S4 multi-functional performance screen. The screen allows rowers to track their exercise. The screen enables lots of functions such as workout intensity, stroke price, heart price, duration, target fitness zone, as well as distance. All tracked information is on display at the same time. The screen has nine switches, six faster way switches, as well as three navigation buttons. It makes use of 4 AA batteries and is not back-lit. The S4 monitor can be linked to your computer so you could use it with various programs to monitor and analyze your workouts.

Is the machine comfortable?

The WaterRower Club Model has a comfortably padded seat that is ergonomically designed. The seat has great stability due to its eight bearings. The handles are covered in soft material and comfortable to grip when using the machine. Footplates with nylon straps are pretty secure and comfortable, although they do not pivot.


This WaterRower rowing machine can be stored by standing it up on its base. Although this rowing machine is fairly heavy, its clever design allows users to stand it up effortlessly with one hand. Dual-caster wheels assist in moving this heavy rower.

Weight Capacity:

The maximum weight capacity for this rower is 1,000 lbs. It can accommodate tall users due to its long seat track. The WaterRower Club Model is 84” x 21” x 22” and weighs in at 117 lbs with a full water tank and 73 lbs with an empty water tank.

Assembly instructions:

The assembly for this rowing machine are well written and easy to follow. Users report that assembly is easy and should take no more than 30 minutes.


The frame has a warranty for five years, while the warranty on parts is for three years. You have to complete the registration form.  Without the registration, the frame and parts are under a one-year warranty.


The Good

This Water Rower is an excellent machine because it is solidly built for commercial use. It has smooth and realistic rowing motion, and it is made of Ash wood.  Its finish is in Danish oil and urethane.  The assembly is easy. It also comes with dual caster wheels and flips easily for storage.  The seat and handles are comfortable.

The resistance is variable, and it dependents on the rowing intensity and the water level in the tank.

The machine is also quiet.  Lastly, the machine provides the ability to link the monitor to a computer to socially train and upload workout information for analysis.

The Bad

The Club Model’s low seat makes getting on and off hard for those with bad knees or a bad back. We noticed that this rower’s foot-plates are too close together. If you have muscular or thick legs, your thighs might touch while rowing, which most people will find uncomfortable.  The seal on the water tank has been reported to wear after three years of moderate to heavy use.


The Verdict

The Water Rower rowing machine  is a great system that combines design, style, function, and good craft. The low seat and close footplates may be a problem for some, so definitely try one out before buying one. The water tank’s seal is easily fixed, so there’s no reason not to buy the Club Model.

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