Tips for buying a second hand rowing machine

2nd hand rowerA pre-owned rowing machine usually comes with its own problems that you will need to consider before you decide to make that final purchase. The brand, price range, and resistance type are all factors that should go into your decision, but you also need to be sure that the rower doesn’t have any type of physical damage that could cause it to be unsafe or reduce the lifespan. Online auctions such as eBay will usually provide the best deals, but you may not be able to see the machine physically.

Uses for Rowing Machines

Rowing machines mimic the task that is involved in the rowing sport. They will work the muscular and cardiovascular system and provide a great workout for your whole body. However, the machine must be in great condition for it to actually be any use for exercise. Many modern rowers will come with several features that may need replacement or degrade over time. Displays, pads for the foot stretcher, and many other components will eventually wear out, break, and will have to be replaced. The first question that you should ask is how old the rower is. Stay away from any rower that is more than 5 years old, since it is very likely to have some wear and mechanical damage.

Evaluate the Condition

Thumb up down voting buttonsThe condition of the rower should be your top priority. Before you begin to worry about how much it will cost, you need to check the level of deterioration of the rower. Check for damage to the components, weak or fraying cables, and check for rust. There should be at least some natural deterioration and if a seller says that it is in mint condition, be sure that they have a return policy in the event that you find issues after you purchase the rower.

Weigh the Price

priceIf the price of the pre-owned rower is way too close to the price of a brand new one, it may not be worth the savings. Remember, that someone else has used this rower and as a result the components and pads must have wear to them. If you will only be saving a small about of cash for an older model, consider saving a few more weeks and buy the rower brand new. Usually, when you purchase a used machine, you should get at least 30% off what the machine would cost if it was brand new.

Use the Equipment

using-a-rowerIt may be obvious, but if you want to know if the rower is in decent condition, use it. If you happen to be shopping online, look for options that are within driving distance of where you live so that you are able to go and physically evaluate the rower before you buy it. During the so called test drive, listen for strange noises, check for evidence of tampering, stripped bolts, and be sure to carefully inspect the structure to be sure that there isn’t rust or corrosion.

Another reason to test the machine is that you may have a great machine, but you don’t like the way that it makes you feel. For example, there are some people who will get nauseous when they use a water resistance machine. You could be spending a lot of money on a machine that you may never use if you don’t enjoy the motion, the components, or the way it feels. Keep in mind that rowing machines are a fairly common piece of equipment for gyms and you should be able to find a great deal if you search hard enough.

Ask Questions

Man Draws Question Mark on Board to Ask About ProblemDon’t be scared to ask questions that may seem personal to you. After all, you will be purchasing another persons used machine. Sometimes, you are able to get an amazing deal by getting someones equipment that they can’t take with them when they move or at a garage sale. Ask the seller why they are getting rid of the rower. The answer may give you a little bit of insight into the rower and help you decided if you want to purchase it or not. Always trust your instincts. If you have a feeling that something isn’t right about the sale, then there may be something that you aren’t being told about.

Do Your Research

You should be be aware of the market price of the rowing machine. Know how much it is worth when it is new that way you want be bamboozled and buy a machine that is way more than it is actually worth. The basic models can be purchased for less than $100 while the more expensive models can actually cost you thousands.

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