rowing advice for beginners: 5 things you need to know before you start rowing

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Someone might have convinced you to start rowing. And you are wondering what it’s going to look like and if you are going to be able to cope. You’re probably looking for a few rowing advice for beginners to start your new adventure in a confident way. Let’s be honest, rowing can be super tough, especially at the beginning. On the brighter side, it is easy to learn and you are going to get used to it with time. If at any point you feel discouraged at this starting stage, just remind yourself that it’s worth it ! Here are 5 things you need to know before you start rowing.


It is strenuous


rowing advice for beginners


You might have watched people rowing at your local gym and you have seen how easy it looks for them. But you should be aware that they did not start to row at that rate and ease, within a short while. They have most likely been doing that for years. Thus, as a first-time rower, you should be ready to run out of breath once you start rowing. If you don’t experience this as a new rower, then you can take my word for it, you are greater than Superman and Spiderman combined. You should also expect to sweat a lot and shed some weight.


You will not improve overnight!


rowing advice for beginners


Nothing comes easy, ever, if you want something you have to work for it. So keep in mind that it won’t be easy, you will not improve overnight, and you will not see immediate results. Being prepared will help you not give up, and will make you keep on putting the necessary effort.


Be mindful of your monitor


rowing advice for beginners


Your monitor is also vital to your rowing sessions. It is like your eyes in the dark world of rowing. It gives you the statistics of your rowing. It also helps you know how much you have improved since you started rowing. The monitor displays two things, your split time and your stroke per minute (SPM). The split time informs you of how much time you will need to achieve a particular distance. Normally 500 meters by default, but adjustable. But the SPM tells you how many strokes you carry out in 60 seconds.


Your legs and core are the major targets


rowing advice for beginners


If you desire powerful legs and a muscular structure and height. Then rowing is the right exercise for you. Most of the energy you will be using when rowing will be coming from your leg and your core. So rowing will help you develop extremely powerful legs as well as tone up your belly. If you also want big hands, you might need to complement your rowing sessions with other activities that build the arms.


Rowing races start early


rowing advice for beginners


If you want to get involved in professional rowing races, then you must ensure that you always practice early in the morning. In most cases, the race will be over before 6:00.


Rowing is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Don’t be afraid to ask, learn and listen to rowing advice for beginners. Give it everything you got and you won’t regret it.

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