Awesome Ways To Use A Rowing Machine. Proper Posture [Tips]


How to use a rowing machine –  Rowing  is one of the best types of workout equipment that money can buy. You will begin to learn that using them can be extremely fun. It is a workout that pays off quickly.  It is great for losing weight, improving your fitness, and giving you a full body workout. Rowing Machines  exercises your cardiovascular system. They also help you to become FIT as you are able to push yourself simply by increasing your resistance.


Body Areas to Target

It is important for you to know which parts and muscles of your body you want to focus on before you begin using a rowing machine.  This is critical, because  your sucess depends on the type of machine you have and how it was setup.

The Upper Body

Rowing machines are a great option if you want to target the muscle groups that are located in the upper body.  It is one of the best workout options that you can do regularly with your hands and wrists.  This excercise is helpful in a number of vocations as well as sports.  Although, the areas that you might want to focus on are parts of your back, which include the shoulders.  It is also a great workout for your biceps, abs, and pectoral muscles, so you are covering a lot of area

The Lower Body

You may see that you have gained more in your lower body, which is quite a surprise for many.  You may not actually think of it. But most of the hard work during rowing is actually done by your legs, buttocks, quads, and calves.  If you are able to have a sliding, mobile seat setting it allows the movement to increase.  The overall focus on your lower body while keep it locked in a stationary position. This will direct the energy to your upper body.


How To Use A Rowing Machine — Proper Positioning and Form

Ensure Proper Posture at the Rowing Machine

rowing machine

One of the most important things that you should know is you seating position on the machine.   The rowing machine should feel and be a smooth extension of the energy that your body is releasing.

Having a bad position can cause lower results and possibly strain and muscle cramps. To prevent this you need to focus on having the right position.

The first thing that you would need to do on the rower is to be certain  you have the right level of resistance or weight.  This will prevent you from straining yourself.

A great way to ensure this is correct, is to start out at a low resistance until you are comfortable. Slowly then begin to increase your resistance level until you feel as if you are being challenged.

Please be sure that your feet are secured when you are using a rowing machine. If your feet are moving a lot or sliding around, it will cause inconsistent results. Primarily, you may end up with cramps while you try to keep and hold the correct position. Tighten your foot straps enough that your feet will not move around as your are rowing.

Common Mistakes that you Should Avoid

When you are beginning and learning, you will want to keep these tips in mind.  There are only a few things that may go wrong if you do not have any type of help getting started.  But, you can certainly avoid these if you are able to know what to look for.

Keep things simple and slow

When you begin to excercise, you have to pay attention on how to use rowing a machine.  You can ensure that you’re not making any mistakes by simply not rushing yourself as you are rowing. Instead, focus on getting to know your rowing machine, as well as the way that your body moves with the machine. As time goes on, you will not only be able to increase the resistance or weight level of the rower. But you will be able to increase the speed that you are able to complete  with each stroke.  Initnially, you should keep the rowing sessions short. Stop the excercise before your muscles become tired.  That way you are able to continue later on.Position Mistakes

These are easy to spot, so be sure to remind yourself not to do the following as you are learning.

Lack of Fluidity

This is a very important step and why you should begin to row slowly. Erratic and  jerky movements are harsh on your body, and this does not help you accomplish an optimal workout. You want to keep things smooth and nice.

Pushing with your back

You certainly do not want your back muscles to be doing most of the work when you are pushing off your drives. This is similar to the reason why you do not lift a heavy box with your back muscles. You want to use your legs for most of the heavy lifting.


There are two ways that people often make mistakes when it comes to leaning the upper body.  First, the most common, and first mistake is tilting back during the finishing stroke. The second mistake is leaning forward, when you notice yourself leaning forward in the catch position.

Simply avoid these mistakes, follow the tips that are above and you will gain great results out of your rowing experience.

We are very happy that you are engaged not only with the excercise but with us here in this important Blog.

Please do not forget to leave me your updates.  I would love to know how well you are progressing–as will all our readers!


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  2. Reply Steve October 3, 2016 at 11:58 am

    “There are two ways that people often make mistakes when it comes to leaning the upper body. The most common, and first mistake is tilting back during the finishing stroke. The other one is leaning forward, when you notice yourself leaning forward in the catch position.”

    There should be *up to* 15 degree lean back at the finish. There should be a 15 degree body swing (lean) forward before you bend your legs, then maintain that same angle while sliding all the way up the slide to the start of the stroke (the catch).

    to say that tilting back and forward is a mistake would be incorrect but the tilting should be very controlled and not too much – working the core in the process ;-).

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      Steve, Thank you very much for the update on How to Use a Rowing Machine properly–we welcome your input, and would love to hear more from other readers. I have been fortunate to learn from the best, and my exercise routines are very good. I have achieved my goals and hope we are helping others achieve great results as well!

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