3 fat burning rowing machine workouts

There are always some points we intend to score when we set out to row. Prominent amongst these points is burning fat, as nobody wants to be almost useless at the age of 40. But when you set out to row, you want to make sure that you are making good progress every single day. We also always look forward to new challenges to surmount as we don’t want to continue doing the same thing every day. Considering the fact that they get easier as each day passes. With the activity getting easier, the expected results could also not be efficient. This is why you must learn to change routine, to enhance efficiency and effectiveness when you row.

It is possible that you have been wondering how you can vary your rowing sessions so that you can  burn fat in an effective way and get back in shape. It is advisable to warm up before you start your workout sessions. Just like your vehicle, proceeding to workouts without warming up could make you breakdown. You could warm up through arm swings, pushups, jump ropes and air squats. Once this is done, you can proceed to your workouts. Here are 3 great workouts you can carry out on your rowing machine.


HIIT Routine


fat burning rowing machine workouts


The aim of the HIIT (High-intensity interval training) routine is to have you moving at your fastest possible speed. You must row  fast and then take a rest for 30 seconds each, for 5 times. After this, you should air squats for 2 minutes without weight, before rowing. Then rest for 30 seconds each for 5 times again, before doing another set of air squats for 2 minutes. You should ensure you move as fast as you can while rowing.


Pyramid workout


If you intend to test your endurance and test, then you can achieve this through a pyramid workout. All you have to do is to improve the duration and intensity of your workout with each session up to 4 minutes, before going back to 1 minute. This implies that you row on 1 resistance and rest for 1 minute each, before increasing to rowing with 1 resistance and resting for 2 minutes each up to 4 minutes rowing with 3 resistance and 4 minutes rest, before reducing to 3, 2 and 1 minute.


Stroke Rate Workout


fat burning rowing machine workouts


The stroke rate workout will help you burn fat as fast as a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster will burn gasoline. For this workout rate, you would need to use the stroke rate feature. Which should be available on your rowing machine. You will have to row for 3 rounds of 5 minute each. For the 5 minutes, you row, alternating between a stroke rate of 26 and 28, with 1-minute rest between each row.



You don’t need to stick to a particular type of rowing workout and get bored within a short while, alongside achieving less result. Alternate your workouts with these 3 types of workout. Continue to enjoy your rowing sessions. Use our comment session to tell others how you alternate your rowing session and how much fat you are able to burn through these sessions.

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