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Kettler Favorit Review


Kettler-Favorit-ImageIf you are wanting to avoid the cheerful and cheap meccano set that will take you three days to put together and only three minutes to fall apart, but at the same time can’t really afford the great top range models like the Model D by Concept2 then you need to consider the rower.

This particular rowing machine has an appealing mixture of solid structure, compact design, and adaptable features at the price that you would expect to pay to guarantee a great, all around workout in the privacy of your home.

Kettler Favorit Review
Kettler Favorit

Features and Specifications

Storage and Weight

Although this rower can support up to 250 lb, this machine only weighs exactly 50 lb, meaning that the high carbon steel frame is light enough that you can move it around the house without straining any muscles before you begin to exercise. As for storage, it doesn’t fold up like the other machines, but it doesn’t have to, due to its complete compact design. You can place the handles down near the foot rests in order to make it flatter.

Performance Monitor

The battery powered training computer is actually pretty good and has a high resolution LCD display screen which will record your workout data like the energy consumed, number of strokes, speed of strokes, time spent, and distance traveled. This includes an infrared sensor that you can clip to your ear to measure your pulse. The display is easy to see during your exercise and once you have learned how to use it, it can be a great training companion that will allow you to set your workout how you need it.


The two industrial strength hydraulic cylinders that will provide continuous resistance, and they can be adjusted to how you want them, which will enable a higher challenging level of training as your fitness and strength improves. The resistance range is so amazing that even at the lowest setting possible, it is very easy and at the highest setting many people have trouble to pull it back.


The most reassuring point is the comfort. This rower has a thick padded seat that will give luxury to at least one piece of your body while the other muscles are taking all the strain, while you are propelled smoothly backwards on the great rail mounted ball bearings. While the adjustable foot plates are able to pivot in the response of the rowing action, and the anti-slip base will ensure that you won’t begin working out in the living room and end up in your kitchen. Another good thing exactly the padded seat is that you no longer have to worry exactly chafing and you can concentrate on putting your effort into getting fit with the rower.


There can’t be any type of argument that the Favorit by Kettler is an attractive piece of machinery. The feel and look of all the parts are impressive even before you begin to assemble it, and once you get to assembling it, and the frame takes it shape, it will come apparent that you have gotten what you have paid for, a sleek, strong, user friendly fitness machine.


Length: 49 in/ 125 cm

Width: 31 in/ 79 cm

Color: Silver

Max. Supported Weight: 250 lb/ 113 kg

Machine Weight: 50 lb/ 23 kg

Storage: Doesn’t fold but the handles can be placed to the foot rest so that it lays flat

The Good

·      German manufactured machine, and well built

·      Compact, so that it doesn’t take up too much room

·      Variety of levels of resistance from easy to impossible

·      Nice and quiet, great for a relaxing workout

·      The motion of the arms feel as if it is actually rowing

·      Performance monitor has a variety of functions and monitors your pulse

The Bad

·      Instructions are hard to understand as if they have been translated with very little effort or professionalism. However, the machine is easy to construct.

·      The performance monitor is a bit complicated when first used.

·      250 lb isn’t a large weight to support, though there have been reports of heavier people using without any issues (so far).

The Verdict

Overall, it is a great choice for those who are wanting a well built, high quality machine which doesn’t break down or cause you to go broke. It has durability, well designed features, excellent value, and it is easy to use. The rowing experience is smooth without any unpleasant jolting at the end of the stroke, and it is very quiet.

Kettler Favorit Review
Kettler Favorit


Rowing machines compared with other fitness equipment

treadmillguyA rowing machine will give you an all in one workout which most other pieces of fitness equipment cannot match. They combine gentle to intensive cardio with consistent strength training depending on what you do. They will help you lose weight due to the potential for burning calories because of the targeted muscle groups of both your lower and upper body. Many people wonder how it compares to other exercise equipment. The truth is, it’s superior in almost every way yet when people walk in the gym they will probably skip by and it head straight treadmill.

Stationary Bike

The exercise bike can’t compete with the calorie burning capabilities that you will get with a rowing machine. The reason being that it only really works the legs and lower half of the body. A rower will burn more calories in less time at a lower intensity than a stationary bike. The calories that are burned riding for about 40 minutes at roughly 12-13 mph is equal to rowing for 25 minutes at a lower intensity. You should note that the number of calories that are burned actually depend on the effort that you put into your workout and also on the physiology of your body.

Stationary bikes are easy on your joints and tend to provide fluid motion, but don’t allow for the strength training of the various muscle groups. A rower does the same thing, it has a low stress workout with the advantage working the whole body.


A treadmill will put strain and stress on your hips, knees, and ankles. This can be dangerous as well as painful. The calorie burning potential of having a treadmill, as well as a stationary bike, is actually a lot lower than a rowing machine. 30 minutes of being on a treadmill at 3.5 mph, for a 125 lb person, will burn 120 calories. Rowing will burn around 270 calories during a low intensity workout in same time without all the stress on your body and joints.


An elliptical machine is similar to a treadmill due to the fact that is basically a walking or running motion, but with more fluid movement and lower impact. The elliptical will tone your body, but it will not help you build muscle mass. A rowing machine will provide the toned body you want as well as increase your muscle mass, while giving you a low impact, fluid but highly intensive workout.

Intensity Control of Your Workout

There is a huge advantage that rowing has over any other exercise machine when it comes to strength training and cardio for you. You will be able to have complete control of the everything when it comes to your workout. You can adjust the resistance, which means that you will be able to have a varied exercise regime. With adjustable resistance you will have the option of switching between anaerobic and aerobic training, depending on the intensity that you want.

As you can see, a rowing machine has many more benefits that any other exercise machine. It will give you the cardio workout that is needed for your overall health especially when it is combined with good eating habits. It will also give you strength training for your whole body. There isn’t a need for having multiple machines that only target specific parts of your body, and no need for adding a cardio machine on top of those others. The rower is basically a gym on its own. Many people don’t have a lot of time to have a complicated or long workout, and this is the true answer to that problem. Less time that is spent combining exercises with all the other advantages make a rower the perfect exercise machine for anyone.


How Rowing Workouts Can Improve Your ABS [ 5 Benefits You MUST know Today!]


rowing-machines-can-improve-absRowing workouts results have been debated.  But the rowing machine benefits are great for building abdominal muscles.  Many rowers claim rowing has great for getting a full body workout. The report includes core, as one of the targeted groups of muscles. Others say that although your core may be involved, it is only engaged as a secondary muscle.  We did confirm rowing exercise provides low impact and high-intensity workouts that can burn hundreds of calories per hour. The actual question lies in whether a rower is the best tool for targeting the abdominal muscles.

< Improve your abs with the best rowing machine in the world >

What you Should Consider Rowing Workouts

There are important factors to consider for working any muscle group including your abdominal muscles.  Overall exercise equipment will have a great impact on your workouts. This is true whether you use a rowing machine or any other type of equipment.


  • You must be sitting properly on the machine with a proper posture with every stroke you do.  This will allow you to maximize results.
  •  Cardio exercise alone will not give you a great workout.  You have to increase the intensity of your workout to challenge your body and heart.
  • The rowing machine benefits on the abdominal muscles is based on the strength of your rowing. The harder the workout, the more you will be able to strengthen your core and various other muscles.
  • A rowing machine will tone various muscles in the legs, core, and arms. Exercise enthusiasts claim that your abs get a great workout with rowing.  Rowing exercise causes contraction of the abdominal muscles.
  • Rowing Workouts burns calories and fat which in turn decreases the fat in all of your body. Your core muscles are working while you row, but the question that remains is how hard do they work.

Tried and Tested Benefits of Rowing Workouts

rowing workouts

There are 5 amazing benefits that you will get when you use a rower to exercise. The top advantages are:

Awesome Aerobic Exercise: A rower will increase your heart rate and will use several different muscle groups.

Effective Way to Burn Calories: Using a rower can burn around 600 calories in one hour.

Upper Body Conditioning: The Trapezius in your lower and upper back, as well as your rhomboids in your shoulders, receive a great workout. Your abs, biceps and pectoral muscles do get a bit of a workout but not as much as the trapezius and rhomboids.

Lower Body Conditioning: Your buttocks, quads, calves and upper thighs get extensive exercise.

Low Risk for Injuries: Because a rower is low to the ground, as well as considered a low impact way to workout, it doesn’t put stress on the joints and you won’t get hurt if you fall off.


Rowing Workout Excercise & Your ABS.  How are They Impacted?

There is little doubt that rowing exercise engages your abs.  But, some people believe thatABS are just used minimally unlike other important muscle groups.  When you are rowing, you are doing hip and trunk flexion, which targets ab movements of a sit-up. The resistance is in the reverse position of a sit-up.  This means that you are targeting the muscles in your buttocks, lower back, and hamstrings.  You are using the ab and oblique muscles at the end of the rowing action to slow down the trunk extension motion. But the abs are less used in this activity. When it comes to rowing, there are various stages that include the catch, drive, finish, and the recovery. Your abs are only really used during the recovery motion.

Burning Calories.  Really?

It would seem that when you use an indoor rower, you will get a superior workout. You will be able to burn a lot of calories in a shorter amount of time rather than any other exercise machine. This workout will target your chief muscle groups that are in your core, arms, legs and back. It is a great source for cardio fitness and has low impact on your joints. This machine can help relieve stress, and it is effective for well-being and your overall health. It is safe to say that even though the rower will give your ab muscles a workout, it is only to a certain extent. It isn’t a great choice if you want to focus on improving your ab muscles.  A rower uses the muscles that are in your legs and arms a lot more than it does in your midsection. If you want a great workout, a rower is a great choice. Bu, if you are looking for an ab specific machine, there are better options as far as exercise machines go.

The Rowing Machine benefits:

rowing machine benefitsDo you want to build the foundation for a healthy heart? You need cardio training. Cardio training is the fastest way to get a healthy heart. Traditionally people have run long distances to get cardio. Running long distances works but it is hard. People give up running because it takes a lot of time. People also hate the impact running has on their joints.

The problem is simple. Running comes with full body aches but not full body benefits.

Do you want to get full body benefits minus the aches and pains?

You should try rowing. Rowing is a fun way to get heart-healthy cardio from an easy to do exercise.

Rowing has a ton of benefits. Sound crazy? It’s not. Rowing is the go-to exercise for athletes, trainers, and hobbyists who want to build a healthy heart.


Rowing Workouts Are Non-impact with The Following Benefits: 

  • Provides cardio vascular exercise

  • Improves posture

  • Help manage stress

  • Provide a full body workout.


Increased Cardiovascular Health:

One thing athletes love about rowing workouts is that throwing workoutsey provide resistance in both directions. Exercise that provides resistance in both directions gives a better full body workout.

That is why athletes are turning away from spinning and running. they all believe rowing machine benefits are greater. 

Why are athletes giving up spinning and running? Simple. Spinning and running provide resistance in one direction. Rowing provides resistance going forwards and backward.

While rowing you get dual resistance from using your legs and arms. By using both arms and legs, you get a full-body aerobic workout.

A full body aerobic workout is important. Full body workouts raise and maintain your heart rate. Research shows keeping your heart rate elevated matters.

Increasing your heart rate grows lung capacity, strengthens your cardiovascular system, and lowers stress.

On Stress:

Do you hate the stress of going to the gym? Are you tired of loud people lifting and grunting right next to you why you work out? Rowing can be done in the comfort of your home.

Rowing helps you escape the stress of the gym. It also de-stresses your heart. Research shows the repetition of rowing has a calming effect on mind and body.

On Posture:

Rowing has also been shown to improve posture.  After a long day slouching over a computer screen a few minutes of rowing wakes up the muscles in the back. Waking up the muscles in your back promotes better back posture, eases muscle tension and can alleviate neck pain.

Double Down On Training:

Rowing helps build a strong foundation for lasting heart health. Rowing builds a strong foundation by combining muscular and endurance training.

You get twice the effect of a normal workout which means twice the impact on your health. Rowing works both your muscles and your endurance unlike lifting or running which works one or the other.

Getting both muscular and endurance training means your heart has to work harder. Training your heart to work harder over long periods makes it more efficient, forces it to pump more blood and increases cardiovascular strength.

Lastly,  we would like to recommend that you visit our great review pages:  We have analyzed and report on the top rowing machines such as the Lifespan Fitness, Stamina Magnetic rowers, The famous Sunny Health Systems, Water Rowers, Stamina Air Rowers, and our Editors Choice Concept2.  Please leave us some input, we love to hear from our Readers.

Rowing Workouts

How Rowing Workouts Can Improve Your ABS [ 5 Benefits You MUST know Today!]